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Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Computer and Information Science

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Brooklyn College Computer and Information Science OER

The Computer and Information Science (CIS) Department offers several degrees in fields related to computer science.

Below are Computer and Information Science Department Open Educational Resources (OER) / Zero Textbook Cost courses created by Brooklyn College.  

  • OERs are organized by Course Number
  • Click on homepage image to go to course site

CISC 2210 (Lach) (Fall 2021)

click to go to oer homepage.

Course: CISC 2210
Title: Introduction to Discrete Structures
Professor: Moshe Lach
Platform: WordPress (ac)
Semester: Fall 2021

CISC 3130 (Chuang) (Spring 2020)

Course: CISC 3130
Title: Data Structures
Professor: Dr. Katherine Chuang
Platform: LibGuides

CISC 3140 (Chuang) (Spring 2020)

Homepage of guide, click to go home.

Course: CISC 3140
Title: Design & Implementation of Software Apps II
Professor: Dr. Katherine Chuang
Platform: LibGuides

CISC 3140 Handbook for course (Chuang) (Spring 2020)

Course: CISC 3140
Content:  Handbook for course "Tools and Techniques in Software Engineering"
Professor: Dr. Katherine Chuang
Platform: Manifold

CISC 3142 (Levitan) (Spring 2021)

Click to go to CISC 3142 oer site.

Course: CISC 3142
Title: Programming Paradigms in C++
Professor: Rivka Levitan
Platforms: HTML, Github Classroom, Google

CISC 3320 (Goldberg) (Spring 2022)

Go to oer homepage.

Course: CISC 3320
Title: Operating Systems
Professor: Harry Goldberg
Platform: LibGuides

CISC 3810 Database Systems (Summer 2022 updated)

CISC 3810 OER guide

Course: CISC 3810
Title: Database Systems
Professor: Harry Goldberg
Platform: LibGuides

CS-X Module: Web Accessibility 101

Accessibility 101, click to go to course site.

Topic: Web Accessibility
Learn: Why accessibility matters, general accessibility issues, legal issues, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), P.O.U.R accessibility principles and technical skills.
Creator: Amy Wolfe
Platform: Canvas for Teacher

CS-X: Mapping & GIS for Poets, Historians, and Scientists

Screen grab of guide homepage, click to go to guide.

Topic: Basic cartography, via GIS.
Learn: Google Earth and ArcGIS StoryMaps
Creator: Emily Fairey
Platform: LibGuides