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*Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Music

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MUSC 1300 (Cohen)

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Course: MUSIC 1300
Title: Music Appreciation
Professor: Doug Cohen
Platform: LibGuide


MUSC 3101 (Zahra)

musc 3101 screenshot

Course: MUSC 3101
Title: Music in Global America
Professor: Farah Zahra
Platform: Zoom, Blackboard and Slack
Semester: Spring 2021

MUSC 3101 (Thorman)

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Title: Music in Global America

Course: Music 3101

Author: Marc Thorman

Format: Scalar


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Course: Music 1300
Title: FORUMS (Free and Open Resources for Undergraduate Music Study)
Instructor: Jane Palmquist
Platform: Google Sites
Updated: 2023