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*Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Judaic Studies

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Brooklyn College Judaic Studies OER

Judaic Studies Explore the tremendous scope and diversity of the Jewish experience.

You find the study of Jewish civilization engrossing, from its ancient Middle East roots to the many places in which it flourishes today. You'd love to conduct research at one of the many museums and cultural institutions in New York, or go farther afield and study in Israel. The Department of Judaic Studies offers a wide variety of experiences, from internships at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, to research under the guidance of one our renowned faculty members, to summers of intensive Yiddish studies at places like Tel Aviv University. Our graduates go into a variety of careers in education, research, social work, policy planning in the private and public sectors, diplomacy and government, and are prepared for graduate studies in any number of fields.

Below are Judaic Studies Open Educational Resources (OER) / Zero Textbook Cost courses created for Brooklyn College.  

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JUST/CLAS/RELG 3022 and PHIL 3729 (Brodsky)

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Course: JUST/CLAS/RELG3022/PHIL 3729
Title: Searching for God
Instructor: Brodsky
Platform: LibGuides