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Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Urban Sustainability

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Brooklyn College Urban Sustainability OER

The Urban Sustainability Program will provide you with the knowledge, power, and skills to promote sustainable policies and practices in your neighborhood and beyond. The program takes a unique interdisciplinary approach by offering concentrations in economics, environmental science, and sociology. It examines the dynamics between social and natural systems as well as the trade-offs among environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Below are Urban Sustainability Program Open Educational Resources (OER) / Zero Textbook Cost courses created by Brooklyn College.  

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SUST 1001 Introduction to Urban Sustainability

Cicking takes you to SUST 1001 OER homepage.

Course: SUST 1001
Title: Introduction to Stability
Instructors: Shtob, Branco and Lopez-Pumarejo
Platform: WP (Academic Commons)
Semester: Spring 2021

SUST 2001W Urban Sustainability Theory

click to be taken to the wordpress OER site for this course.

Course: SUST 2001W
Title: Urban Sustainability Theory
Instructors: Shtob and Boger
Platform: WP (Academic Commons)
Semester: Spring 2021