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Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Philosophy

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Brooklyn College Philosophy OER

Studying philosophy will teach you to think clearly and critically, and to communicate complex ideas effectively both orally and in writing. Philosophy will prepare you for a wide range of careers, earn more than any other humanities major, transform you into an engaged and responsible citizen.

Below are Philosophy Open Educational Resources (OER) / Zero Textbook Cost courses created by Brooklyn College.  

  • OERs are organized by Course Number
  • Click on homepage image to go to course site

PHIL 2101 (Campos) (Fall 2020)

Clciking takes you to phil 2101 oer homepage.

Course: PHIL 2101
Title: Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy
Professor: Daniel Campos
Platform: Blackboard
Semester: Fall 2020

PHIL 2101 (Lurz)

Course: Philosophy 2101
Title: Introduction to Problems of Philosophy
Professor: Lurz
Platform: LibGuides CMS

PHIL 2101H (Shottenkirk)

go to oer homepage.

Course: PHIL 2101H
Title: Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy
Professor:  Dr. Dena Shottenkirk
Platform: LibGuides
Semester: Fall 2021

PHIL 3314 (Gluzman)

Click link to go to PHIL 3314 OER

Course: PHIL 3314
Title: Moral Issues in Business
Instructor: Mariya Gluzman
Platform: Blackboard
Status: Active: Fall 2020

PHIL 3410 (Lurz)

Course: PHIL 3410
Title: Epistemology
Instructor: Robert Lurz
Platform: Libguides
Status: Active, Fall 2020

Modern Philosophy

screenshot and link for course site

Course: PHIL 2101
Professor: Daniel Campos
Platform: CUNY Academic Commons
Semester: Fall 2022