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OER Course Sites Created for Brooklyn College Classes

Welcome to Brooklyn College's

Open Educational Resources (OER) repository.
Alternative to Textbooks

  • Here you will find all OER courses (past and present) created by Brooklyn College faculty.
  • OER's are organized generally by "TOPIC"
    • These "topics" may not correspond perfectly with department names.

OER Created by Brooklyn College Faculty, Librarians and Staff

screengrab of guide, click to go to School Psychology, Counseling, and Leadership topic OER page.

Course: SPCL 7922T Multicultural Counseling & Consultation in Schools

Screengrab of  English oer, click to go english subject oer page.

Course: English 1012

screengrab of guide, click to go to CHST topic OER page.

Course: CHST 4200 Applied Research in Children’s Studies.

CISC 3140 Handbook Tools and Techniques in Software Engineering

Front page of Heritage languages course site. Clicking on image will take you to Heritage Language subject page..

Course:Heritage Language Programs
(Arabic, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Chinese 1038 and 2018)

Screengrab of guide homepage, click to go to sociology subject page.

Course: SOCY 3303/ WGST 3122  Sociology of the Welfare State and Current Issues.

Screengrab of CASD 7321, clicking takes you to the Communication Arts, Sciences, and Disorders suject OER page.

Course: CASD 7321 Language Disorders in Pre-school Children

Screengrab of CISC 3130 OER, click to be taken to Computer and Information science subject oer page.

Course: CISC 3130 Data Structures

Screengrab of CBSE 7401t guide, click to go to Childhood, Bilingual, and Special Education OER supject page.

Course: CBSE 7401T Advanced Methodology and Practice in Middle Childhood Mathematics

OER screengrab, click to go to Physics homepage.

Course: PHYS 1040: The Making of the Atomic Bomb

Homepage for CHST 4900 OER, click to go to Children and Youth Studies OER subject page..

Course: CHST 4900 Professional Perspectives and Children

Screengrab of guide homepage, clicking takes you to Film subject oer page.

Course: Film Editing 2701

Front page of ART 1010 Faculty OER. Clicking on image will take you to
Guide homepage, click to go to Environmental Education studies OER.

EESC 1010: The Dynamic Earth: The Science of Our World: Home

History 3554 OER, click image to go to history subject oer page.

Course: HIST 3554: Modern Turkey: From Empire to Nation State

Screngrab of an OER on accessibility, click to go to Open Educational Resources subject page.

Course: OER Web Accessibility 101

OER screengrab, click to go to Business subject OER page.

Course: BUSN/ECON 3400 Intro to Economic & Business Statistics

Brooklyn College's OER Project

Open Educational Resources (OER) are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes.

The OER projects on this guide were created by Brooklyn College Faculty in coordination with the Brooklyn College Library Open Educational Initiatives group.  The Brooklyn College Open Educational Resource Project began in 2014-2015, and was designed to encourage faculty experimentation and innovation using open and/or library licensed resources for their course materials. This project was continued and expanded and in 2017 became the CUNY and SUNY 2017/18 Open Educational Resources Initiative. Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NY State Legislature awarded CUNY and SUNY $8 million to implement open educational resources and to develop, enhance and institutionalize new and ongoing open educational resources across both universities.

Global Open Educational Resources logo By Jonathasmello (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

OER CC License and Creation Information

Creative commons license logo CC BY-NC-SA 4.0Unless otherwise noted on individual OER site's, all Brooklyn College OER content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Site design and formatting by Amy Wolfe, OER Developer (Brooklyn College) and Accessibility Librarian (CUNY Office of Library Services).