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*Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Earth and Environmental Studies

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Earth and Environmental Studies OER

At the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) you can study the earth's dynamic processes, test waters and analyze soils, find fossils and minerals, examine rock outcrops to understand Earth's history, and finally, learn how the environment affects humans and how, in turn, human activities have impacted our environment. You will also work toward solutions for offsetting these environmental impacts and develop marketable skills in GIS analysis.Our faculty members have experience and skills across the full spectrum of the earth and environmental sciences to help you.

Below are Earth and Environmental Sciences (OER) / Zero Textbook Cost courses created for Brooklyn College.  

  • OERs are organized by Course Number
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EESC 1010: The Dynamic Earth (Powell)

OER for EESC 1010 homepage, click to go to guide.

Course: EESC 1010
Title: The Dynamic Earth
Instructor: Wayne Powell
Platform CUNY Academic Commons
Status: Active: Spring 2023

EESC 1010: The Dynamic Earth (Rocha)

go to oer homepage.

Course: EESC 1010
Title: The Dynamic Earth: The Science of Our World
Professor: Rocha
Platform: LibGuide
Semester: Spring 2023

EESC 1201: Intro to Environmental Science (Egendorf)

go to oer homepage.

Course: EESC 1201
Title: Introduction to Environmental Science
Instructor: Perl Egendorf
Platform: WordPress (ac)
Status: Active: Spring 2023

EESC 3750 (Boger)

OER eesc 3750 homepage, click to go to guide.

Course: EESC 3750
Title: Geographic Information Systems
Professor: Rebecca Boger
Platform: Libguides

PHYS 1080 Energy Use and Climate Change (Tomkiewicz)

Book cover, click to go to book.

Course: PHYS 1080
Title: Climate Change Fork: The Wheel of Reality
Professor: Micha Tomkiewicz
Platform: LibGuides