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*Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Chemistry

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Brooklyn College Chemistry OER

Chemistry considers the nature of matter, its transformation, and its interaction with energy. The discipline provides the foundation for modern biology and is a cornerstone to such emerging fields as material science and nanotechnology.

Below are Chemistry Open Educational Resources (OER) / Zero Textbook Cost courses created by Brooklyn College.  

  • OERs are organized by Course Number
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CHEM 1007 (STAR only)

link to chem 1007 star site

Course: CHEM1007 (Star only)
Title: Chemistry in Modern Life: An Introduction for Non-Majors
Instructor: Leda Lee
Platform: Libguides

Status: Active, Fall 2020

CHEM 1050: General Chemistry

Screengrab of guide homepage, click to go to guide.

Course: CHEM 1050: General Chemistry
Instructor: Joann Matthias
Platform: Libguides
Status: Active: Spring 2020

CHEM 2110 (Kobrak) (Spring 2021)

click to go to oer homepage.

Course: CHEM 2110
Title: Principles of Chemical Reactivity
Professor: Kobrak
Platform: WordPress (ac)
Semester: Spring 2021