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CHEM 1007 (STAR only): Home

Prof. Leda Lee's course, – FALL 2020


Course description:

This online course is an introduction to criminal forensics. Topics will include some basic principles of chemistry, criminal investigative procedures, evidence identification, sample analyses, fingerprints, drug testing, and case studies.

Learning objectives:

  • Practice observation and reasoning skills.
  • Understand some basic principles of chemistry.

This course is asynchronous, meaning we will not meet in real-time for lectures. The lecture materials for the course are available on this site; lab materials and quizzes are on Blackboard. You are responsible for reading/watching/interacting with the materials every week according to the schedule given. This means taking notes, asking questions (in meetings or on Class Discussion Board) and being self-motivated and self-disciplined in planning out your time and schedule.


When we meet remotely, it is 
assumed that you're already
familiar with the materials. 
Meetings are meant to answer 
specific questions, clarify 
misunderstandings, expand 
on topics, etc.; they are not 
lecture times. 


Questions, exams and written discussions outside of office hours will take place on Blackboard. There will be weekly short assessment questions on the assigned lecture materials. All these are open-book; if your notes and understanding of the materials and concepts are solid, you'll do well.

You are expected to ask questions during office hours and/or on the Class Discussion Board. You are also expected to participate fully on your Team Discussion Board to express your opinions, thoughts and viewpoints on the posted questions.



Two platforms, Blackboard and LibGuides (where you're reading this now), will be where you access links to all materials.

Lab materials, quizzes and questions will be posted in Blackboard.

Reading and video materials for Lecture will be in LibGuides. Under the "Schedule" tab, click the arrow to see the units. Each unit is 3 - 4 weeks. Materials are listed for each week.

You should take notes for all lecture materials. This will make things much easier for answering questions in the quizzes.

Resources will be in the form of PDFs, web pages, videos, web articles and interactive sites. No hard copy textbook is required.

Using Blackboard:

How to start using Blackboard (text)

How to use Blackboard (video)

How to use the Discussion Board in Blackboard (video)

Questions, the midterms and the final exam will be given on Blackboard. Your full notes will be your only resource for these assessments.

If you want to meet others on Zoom, you can host a 40 minute meeting free. Watch this to learn how.

Team Logistics

Teams of 3 people have been randomly formed. You and your teammates will work together on the majority of questions, both lecture and lab. Your discussions will be posted under “My TeamGroup Discussion Board”. A post will receive full credit if it is thoughtful, substantive, constructive or meaningful. No credit is given for just agreeing/disagreeing without expanding on the point or contributing further to the conversation. This doesn’t necessarily mean a long essay, just a concise, organized thought.


Download complete SYLLABUS with policies for academic integrity, accommodating students with disabilities, bereavement, non-attendance 

Downloadable GRADE SHEET

Enter your scores into the yellow boxes; your grades will be automatically calculated.

Brooklyn College's Fall 2020 Weekly calendar (DropBox link; download


Brooklyn College Department of Chemistry

Core chemistry

CHEM 1007 (STAR only) FALL 2020

Asynchronous Lectures: Readings, videos, interactive sites, on LibGuides (here).

Online Labs: Weekly labs, on Blackboard.



Contact & office hours:  

Leda Lee

Remote office hours: Tues. & Thurs. 

11:00 am - 11:45 pm or by appt.

Phone: 347-808-1752

I will be online Mon. - Sat. 
from 9 am - 6 pm. If you 
want to meet anytime during 
those hours, just let me know. 
*I will not be available
Emails received Sunday will 
receive a response Monday.


Each week:

1. Complete reading/lecture assignments on LibGuides. Many weeks have a Part 1 and Part 2*You are expected to take notes for readings and videos. Lecture materials will cover lab concepts so go through lecture materials BEFORE starting each week's lab.

2. Post your questions on Class Discussion Board.

3. Answer the lecture question on Blackboard (in orange on LibGuides).

4. Read, watch, perform the lab experiment.

5. Meet and discuss the lab with your team when directed; post your discussions on the Team Discussion Board.

6. Complete the lab Worksheet in your own words and submit.

7. Check your work submissions against the Course Schedule to make sure you've covered everything. Assignments are generally due Fridays, starting 9/04, by 3 pm. Check the Course Schedule every week.

8. Repeat :)


The final grade is determined by the following percentages:                  

20%   Two lecture exams (10/01, 11/05)

25%   Assessment quizzes on readings/videos (weekly)

15%   Final Exam  (date TBD)

15%   Lab reports (weekly)

25%   Discussions on Discussion Board (weekly)

 and everything in between

90 - 100  A-...A  Complete ALL assignments. Min. average of 90 overall

80 - 89    B-...B+ Complete ALL assignments. Min average of 80 overall.

70 - 79    C-...C+ Complete ALL assignments. Min average of 70 overall. 

60 - 69    D-...D+ Complete ALL assignments. Min average of 60 overall.

 No makeup exams given for missed quizzes/exams

Submissions and grading:

1. Assignments may be submitted before the due date (usually Friday, starting 9/04, by 3 pm) but after the due date, they will lose points. Double check the Course Schedule.

2. A late assignment will be accepted up to ONE WEEK late but cannot score higher than 85 out of 100. A  second week of lateness is a 25 point deduction (meaning the highest score possible is 60). After the second week, the assignment will not be accepted.

3. Work will be graded and returned the following Wed. - five days after the deadline submission date.

4. If you have any issues, technical or otherwise, please speak me with as soon as possible.