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CHEM 1007 (STAR only): Unit 5: Weeks 14-15

Prof. Leda Lee's course, – FALL 2020


11/30 - 12/9


1. Mortis events    9 min   L. Lee

2. Stages 2,3,4; entomology   10 min   L. Lee



Rigor Mortis, Livor Mortis, Pallor Mortis, Algor Mortis  7.5 min Science ABC

Forensic entomology   7.5 min. The Wellcome Collection


Answer the Questions in this 
week's folder in Blackboard. DUE 12 /9



Week 15

*If the answers given in the final exam are not from lecture or lab materials, they will not be accepted.

The exam will available on Blackboard under the Weekly Folder, 12/15 starting at 10:30 am and will become unavailable at 11:15 am. 

The final exam will be open note. You may refer ONLY to your OWN notes. Do not ask others, do not look online, do not cheat.

As agreed upon, the final exam will consist of ten short answer questions. You will have 30 minutes. Once you start, you must finish in one sitting. 


Possible final exam topics:

Know how to read a calibration curve graph (find concentration from absorbance)

Matter: differences, properties, changes, classification

EMS (wavelength, frequency, etc.)

General overview of mass spectrometry (understand how it works and what it's used for)

Spectrophotometry - general understanding of how it works and what it's used for. Know Beer's Law

Significant figure calculations 

Scientific notation

Conversion factors

General periodic table properties, elements, ions and subatomic particles from assigned readings.

Mortis events


Fingerprint patterns & minutiae. How to differentiate between patterns (all from assigned readings).

Drug Schedules, properties of main groups discussed, their differences and similarities. General drug testing (from assigned readings)