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Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Education and Teaching

Brooklyn College Library Digital Initiatives OER sites

Faculty Guide on OER Creation and Pedagogy

OER how to guide for faculty, click to go to guide.

Topic: OER creation, pedagogy and Open Access pedagogy.
Learn: How to find OER content to reuse and remix, information on OER and OA pedagogy, and research.
Creators: Amy Wolfe and Miriam Deutch
Platform: LibGuides

Instructional Guides on Creating OER

Learnging OER guide homepage, click to go to guide.

Topic: Instructional Guides on Creating OER
Learn: To create accessible content and use various platforms for OER
Platforms covered: LibGuides, WordPress, Scalar, Manifold
Content covered: Word, Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint
Creator: Amy Wolfe
Platform: LibGuides CMS

SEED 7500X

syllabus for oer.

Course: SEED 7500X
Title: Perspectives on Education: Teaching Children and Adolescents in Cultural Context
Instructor: Namulundah Florence
Platform: Blackboard
Status: Active Spring 2021