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(OER) Open Educational Resources Guide: Welcome

Information OERs: Creating and Using

Purpose of Site

Purpose of this Site

This guide was created to help faculty create Open Educational Resources (OER) for Brooklyn College students and beyond. The guide has information on best practices when creating an OER, information on how to create OER which are accessible to all users, information on where to find OER resources which you can use, reuse, remix, adapt and modify for your courses and information on the pedagogy of OER and open pedagogy.

You can also access OER courses created by Brooklyn College faculty.

Getting Started

So you want to create an Open Educational Resource (OER) but you don't know where to start.  No need to worry, we are here to help you.  The first step is to make an appointment with Associate Professor and Librarian Miriam Deutch and an OER Developer. We'll walk through all the possibilities and help you create a wonderful OER. Bring your imagination and the following to the meeting:

  1. Course syllabus
  2. Electronic version of any documents you want included
  3. Make sure all pdf documents are accessible and scanned with ocr (optical character recognition)
  4. Electronic versions of images
  5. Lists to any sites you want included
  6. Links to any OER materials you have have already found or made which you want to re-use

Look at the OERs already created by Brooklyn College faculty.

Contact Information

Assoc. Professor and Librarian Miriam Deutch
(718) 951-5221

Email OER questions

Library Reference desk
(718) 951-5628
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