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This Library Guide was created to help Brooklyn College faculty create Open Educational Resources (OER) for Brooklyn College students and beyond

Faculty Guide on Open Education Resources (OER): Learn about OER Getting Started [New]

Learn to create OER

5R, resuse, revise, remix, redistribute and retain.

Image: 5Rs by Erin Fields (CC-SA-3)

What differentiates OERs from other instructional resources is you're allowed to:

  1. Retain: Keep access to the materials after the learning event.
  2. Reuse: Use the content in its unaltered form.
  3. Revise: Adapt, adjust, modify, improve, or alter the content.
  4. Remix: Combine original or revised content with other OER to create something new.
  5. Redistribute: Share copies of original content, revisions or remixes with others.

Online Self-Paced Courses to learn about OER
These three courses will teach you the basics of OER

OER Tip Sheets

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