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*Brooklyn College Created Open Education Resources (OER): Physics

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Brooklyn College Physics OER

Physics can involve anything from how stars generate energy to the intricacies of quantum mechanics. We'll help you learn it all.

Below are Physics (OER) / Zero Textbook Cost courses created for Brooklyn College.  

  • OERs are organized by Course Number
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PHYS 1040 (Godenko)

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Course: PHYS 1040
Title: The Making of the Atomic Bomb
Instructor: Lyudmila Godenko
Platform: Manifold

PHYS 1080 (Tomkiewicz)

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Course: PHYS 1080
Title: Climate Change Fork: The Wheel of Reality
Professor: Micha Tomkiewicz
Platform: LibGuides 

PHYS 1100 (various)

physics 1100 course site

Course: PHYS 1100
Title: General Physics I
Instructor: Various
Platform: LibGuides

PHYS 2100 (various)

physics 2100 course site

Course: PHYS 2100
Title: General Physics II
Instructor: Various
Platform: LibGuides

PHYS 3300 (Sahni)

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Course: PHYS 3300
Title: Electrical Circuit Analysis
Instructor: Viraht Sahni
Platform: Libguides