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The nature of how we communicate is continually evolving. Think of the enormous growth that happened between our nonverbal ancestors and the rich oral traditions of developing civilizations; of how various cultures, races and even genders exchange information; and of what is happening today through the explosion of electronic communication. You want to understand these developments and gain a deeper insight into how communication has taken shape around the world. We will give you a comprehensive understanding of how meanings are shaped and exchanged in almost every human endeavor — from nonverbal and interpersonal settings to intercultural and mass media contexts.

Below are Communication Department Open Educational Resources (OER) / Zero Textbook Cost courses created by Brooklyn College.  

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COMM 1001/CASD 1205 (varies)

Course: COMM 1001 / CASD 1205
Title: Introduction to Communication/Modern Communication
Professors: Varies
Platform: LibGuides

COMM 3150W / TREM 2222W (Reile)

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Course: TREM 2222W / COMM 3150W
Title: Communication Research
Instructor: Dr. Wiebke Reile
Platform: LibGuides

COMM 3300/ CASD 3235/ TVRA3535 (Levy)

Guide homepage, click to go to guide.

Course: CASD 3235/ COMM 3300/ TVRA3535
Title: Communication Law and Policy
Professor: Sharona Levy
Platform: LibGuides