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COMM3300/CASD3235/TVRA3535: Home

Communication Law and Policy


Course Description

U.S. media law. First amendment. Intellectual property. U.S. media policy history. Digital and satellite challenges for policy and law. Theories of public interest and deregulation. Cultural and political implications of law and policy.

Prerequisite: Television and Radio 1165 or permission of the instructor

COMM 3300/CASD 3235/TVRA 3535 is an introductory course in United States communication law that examines the legal limitations on communication as well as the rights and responsibilities of professional communicators. 

This is a descriptive course, not a “how-to” course. This course will not qualify you to provide legal advice. It will, however, provide you with a basic understanding of the law and in some cases may provide you with enough information to know when you might need to contact an attorney for legal assistance.

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