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CISC 3130 Data Structures: Home

Professor Chuang Spring 2020 OER

Course Description

Stacks and their implementations. Prefix, postfix, and infix notation. Queues and linked lists and their implementations. Binary and general trees and their implementations and traversals. Sorting and searching techniques. Graph algorithms.

Professor Information

Professor Katherine Chuang.Professor: Katherine Chuang
Lecturer, Department of CIS
Office Location: 1212N
Office Hours: By appointment

Office hours are available for students who need further clarification of concepts presented in lecture, or have made solid attempts on the homework assignments or other practice problems and require further assistance understanding how to approach such problems.

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Assignment Descriptions
Project Template
Grades: MY9 | TY9 | TY2

Lectures & Sample Code
Lecture notes (see schedule page for weekly topics)

Schedule (Suggested readings are listed on the schedule)

Workbook of Practice Problems (Purchase PDF)

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the abstract properties of various data structures such as stacks, queues, lists, and trees and be able to use these structures effectively in application programs.
  2. Implement various data structures in more than one manner, compare the different implementations and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different implementations.
  3. Demonstrate understanding of and be able to program various sorting algorithms, and be able to compare the efficiency of these algorithms in terms of both time and space.
  4. Trace and code recursive functions.
  5. Demonstrate some understanding of object-oriented programming and be able to program with Java.

Recommended Reading Materials

Other resources

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures, Paul E. Black, ed.,, (December 7, 2019).

Data Structures. Wikibooks.