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Music: Printable Music and Open Access Materials

Open Access

A compendium of links to various open-access (copyright-free) musicology resources, including databases, collections of digitized scores and manuscripts, magazines, historical documents, and more. Created and managed by Stanford University's Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities. This is an excellent gateway to advanced research for music students.

Printable Music

Hosted by the American Viola Society, this resource provides free scores for viola works by American composers, many of them presented in new editions.


The Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) is a wiki-style portal that provides free and legal access to scores of choral music, some of which are not otherwise commercially published. The website's contents are fully searchable and scores can be downloaded by users.


Provides access to digitized versions of scores and books in the public domain, many of which are unique to the Sibley Music Library.


Online score library offering access to over 200,000 scans of public domain scores. N.B. This library consists largely of user-contributed scans; each scan or edition is not necessarily of high scholarly or archival standards. For questions on selecting an edition for study or performance, please consult a music professor or librarian.

Database including thousands of Indiana-related digitized scores from the Indiana State Library, Indiana State Museum, Indiana Historical Society and Indiana University Lilly Library. Searchable by date, genre, instrumentation, and subject.


MuseData is an electronic library of classical music scores created by the Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities at Stanford University. This site provides access to printable .pdf scores of various works by major composers of the common practice period. Includes 51 scores of Bach, 9 of Beethoven (the symphonies), 12 of Haydn, and 12 of Vivaldi. Also provides access to MIDI versions of some works.


Extensive official website for the American ultramodernist turned neo-romantic (1893-2002). Organized and run by the composer's son Severo, the website includes biographic information, a complete register of works, and audio samples; the scores of nearly every composition are available free to download.


Online tool created by musicians to extract parts from PDF scores. System detects line breaks automatically and allows for user input and editing. User can upload his/her own scores or use those available in the public domain via IMSLP/Petrucci Library.


A library of more than 10,000 pages of classical piano music that can be viewed, printed, and listened to for a modest fee. Selected content can be printed and heard for free. Also includes a piano forum, a chat page & a music dictionary.

Digitized Music Archives

New York Philharmonic: Shelby White & Leon Levy Digital Archives

According to the website: "The New York Philharmonic Shelby White & Leon Levy Digital Archives was launched in February 2011, and currently comprises more than four million pages, including printed programs, marked conducting scores, business documents, and photographs. Growing continually, the scope of the online collection is every document in the New York Philharmonic Archives from 1842 through 1970 and public facing materials, such as programs and press releases, until today. This includes correspondence, marked scores and parts, contracts, annual reports, marketing materials, and minutes from meetings of the Board of Directors."