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Music: Additional Online Reading


Terry Teachout, drama critic for The Wall Street Journal and chief culture critic of Commentary, writes about whatever is on his mind. His posts often include exceprts from his reviews in addition to more personal impressions of his most recent experiences as an audience member for various staged productions.


This blog features columns on a wide-ranging variety of musical genres including pop, rock, electronica, gospel, jazz, reggae, r&b, rap, and more. Includes reviews of newly released albums, retrospective articles, and interviews with various musicians. Also includes annual classical music necrology.


Launched in 2009 by RILM, this blog is an occasionally quirky forum for sharing its editors’ observations including things of practical interest to music librarians and researchers: publication types, new periodicals, new series, resources, as well as particular writings that appeal to the editors.  All posts have direct relationships to one or more entries in the RILM database.


Maintained by the curators of the British Library's music collection, this blog includes posts on recent acquisitions, events, and other related music activities. Richly illustrated with photographs of the library's archival materials.


A cineaste's blog with reviews of films both new and old, along with posts about awards season, tributes to favorite actors and directors, info about upcoming movies & other related events.


New Music USA's multimedia web publication, established in 1999 (Frank J. Oteri, senior editor). Features articles and discussions on contemporary music.


Blogs on a wide range of music topics, mostly related to Oxford University Press' publications and the online encyclopedia Oxford Music Online. Contributions from critics, scholars, and authors of books available on OUP.

Blog of composer, writer, and Bard College professor Kyle Gann (Research Fellow at ISAM, Brooklyn College, 1991).


Web site & blog of Joseph Horowitz, a classical music “prophet and … agitator.” Former lecturer at  Brooklyn College’s Institute for Studies in American Music.