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SPCL 7914X Psychological Assessment of Linguistically Diverse Students (Bejarano): Sessions 12 - Unit 6: Interpretation and Reporting of Assessment Results - Linking Assessment to Intervention

Open Educational Resource (OER) for Prof. Bejarano's SPCL 7914


In this session we will dig deeper into interpretation and integration of assessment data. We will discuss strategies for linking assessment to intervention, including strategies for differentiating instruciton for emergent bilinguals. We will begin with a quiz on the assigned readings and then discuss the material and engage in application activities.

Assigned Readings

Session Slides

Application Activity: Alina & Ahmed


•Review the social emotional data for Alina
•Interview responses
•AQS score
•BASC-3 results
•Are there any interpretive considerations?
•Look at the Clinically Significant scores on the BASC-3 graph. Can they be further interpreted given the information obtained from the clinical interview?
•Review the social emotional data for Ahmed
•Interview responses
•AQS score
•BASC-3 results
•Are there any interpretive considerations?
•What about other findings from the psychoeducational assessment?

Reflecting on the Readings

1. Describe interpretation considerations.

2. Some of the interpretation questions in the Elizalde-Utnick & Romero reading have an asterisk. What is significant about those questions?

3. How can assessment results be presented in a culturally responsive, nondiscriminatory fashion?

4. Describe multitiered systems of support for English language learners.

5. Describe strategies for providing social-emotional support to emergent bilinguals and bilingual students.