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SPCL 7914X Psychological Assessment of Linguistically Diverse Students (Bejarano): Session 11 - Unit 5: Assessment of Social and Emotional Functioning

Open Educational Resource (OER) for Prof. Bejarano's SPCL 7914


In this session we will focus on the assessment of social and emotional functioning in emergent bilinguals and bilingual students.  We will discuss the use of the clinical interview, self-report scales, and projective measures. We will also look at the assessment of acculturation and ethnic identity development. Students will explore the AQS and the BASC-3. We will begin with a quiz on the assigned reading on Blackboard and then discuss the material and engage in activities.

Assigned Readings

Reflecting on the Readings

1. Describe Hass & Kennedy's RIOT approach.

2. What is the rule of two?

3. What are issues that come up when assessing the social-emotional functioning of emergent bilinguals?

4. What is entailed when assessing social-emotional strengths and needs?

5. What are sociocognitive factors?

6. Describe Brown's stages of acculturation.

7. What is the AQS?

Session Slides

AQS Activity

Lorenzo is 15 years old. He immigrated to the United States from Guatemala 1 year ago. He has been enrolled in ABC International High School since he arrived. He likes his school because 2/3 of the student population is Spanish-speaking from South and Central America. This helps him because he arrived without any knowledge of English. He has been in a bilingual education setting at ABC in which he is exposed to direct instruction in Spanish for most of the school day. At present time, Lorenzo is able to engage in limited conversation with others in English. He is aware he is behind the academic expectations in English and is motivated to improve as he continues to develop skills in English. He reads and writes at grade level in Spanish. 
What is Lorenzo’s AQS score?

Social Emotional Interview Protocol

Case Example: Alina, Spanish-English Bilingual Student

Case Example: Ahmed, Urdu-English Bilingual Student