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SPCL 7914X Psychological Assessment of Linguistically Diverse Students (Bejarano): Session 3 - Unit 1, continued: The Interview Process

Open Educational Resource (OER) for Prof. Bejarano's SPCL 7914


In this session we will explore the interview process, specifically how to gather comprehensive background information when interviewing culturally and linguistically diverse students and their families. We will begin with a quiz on the assigned readings taken on Blackboard and then discuss the material and engage in team activities.

Reflecting on the Readings

1. According to Rhodes what are the advantages and disadvantages of the interview process?

2. What are the different formats for conducting an interview?

3. Describe some of the helpful guidelines Rhodes provides for conducting interviews.

4. Aganza and colleagues describe using cultural assets to enhance the assessment of Latino and other bilingual-bicultural students. What are cultural assets?

5. Describe the ecosystemic framework and several ecosystemic tools.

6. How was the CAI-driven interview process helpful in the case scenarios Aganza et al describe (i.e., Fernando and Leticia)?

7. How can the CAI perspective be used when conducting observations?