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SPCL 7914X Psychological Assessment of Linguistically Diverse Students (Bejarano): Session 4 - Unit 2: Language Proficiency Assessment

Open Educational Resource (OER) for Prof. Bejarano's SPCL 7914


In this session we will explore language proficiency assessment, particularly assessing oral language proficiency skills in the first and second (or more) languages. We will begin with a quiz on the assigned reading taken on Blackboard and then discuss the material and engage in activities.

Reflecting on the Readings

1. Describe the various potential sources of bias when assessing emergent bilinguals.

2. Describe MasSwan and Rolstad's findings regarding the relationship between proficiency level and type of assessment performed.

3. Describe the integrated approach to assessment of language proficiency.

4. Describe the various approaches to gathering cognitive assessment data.

5. Describe the various approaches to gathering academic skills data.