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SPCL 7914X Psychological Assessment of Linguistically Diverse Students (Bejarano): Session 8 - Unit 3: Exploring Cognitive Assessment Tools

Open Educational Resource (OER) for Prof. Bejarano's SPCL 7914


In this session we will begin with a quiz on the assigned readings taken on Blackboard. We will continue to explore cognitive assessment tools.



As you read, highlight the procedural strengths and weaknesses of each report. Which report(s) assessed well and which did not? We will discuss the cases during our class session.

Session Slides

Reflecting on the Readings

1. Describe the advantages of being bilingual.

2. What are differences between monolinguals and bilingualism regarding language proficiency and metalinguistic abilities?

3. With the review of the CDDA and standardized cognitive evaluations, as there are no standardized scores should clinicians' feel more secure when interpreting the results of the CDDA in comparison to traditional evaluations?

Video: Considerations in Cognitive Assessment of ELLs