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SPCL 7804X Human Development (Corbin)


Social-emotional development. Exploring self and moral development. Peer relationships and family life.

Task List to Prepare for Class Session

Please complete the following PRIOR to our session:

  1. Complete the readings.
    • Text Ch. 5, pp.193-205
  1. Self-Reflect.
    • Consider your social-emotional development in middle and late childhood. How does the reading apply to you personally?

VIDEO: Socialization is highly gendered

Citation: [National Geographic] (Dec 18, 2016) Hear Kids' Honest Opinions on Being a Boy or Girl Around the World | National Geographic [Video File]. Retrieved from

CACREP Standards Covered by Session

CACREP 3.b.1.; 3.C.1-13;  3.D.1,12; 5.H.15