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SPCL 7804X Human Development (Corbin)


Cultural variations in emerging adulthood. Young adulthood. Continued identity development.  Gender roles. Sexuality and sexual  orientation.

Task List to Prepare for Class Session

Please complete the following PRIOR to our session:

  1. Complete the readings.
    • Text Ch. 7, pp.246-264
    • Arnett, J. J.
    • Boskey, E. R
  1. Self-Reflect.
    • When did you consider yourself an adult? How did this relate to your parent(s) perceptions about adulthood?
    • Describe your continued identity development during college and beyond.
    • Consider your gender identity and sexual orientation.

CACREP Standards Covered by Session

CACREP 3.b.1.; 3.C.1-13;  3.D.1,12; 5.H.15