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SPCL 7804X Human Development (Corbin)


Psychosocial development in adulthood. Exploring adult relationships and attachments. Adult lifestyles and parenting.

Task List to Prepare for Class Session

Please complete the following PRIOR to our session:

  1. Complete the readings.
    • Text Ch. 7, pp.274-295

  1. Self-Reflect.
    • What are your adult relationships and attachments like?
    • How does the reading apply to you personally?
  2. DUE: My Personal Development Paper

APPLICATION ACTIVITY: Exploring Your Childhood and Adult Attachments

  1. What attachment category do you think you fell into as a child?
    • Securely attached?
    • Anxiously attached?
    • Avoidantly attached?
  2. How are your adult attachments? Are they similar to your childhood attachments?

CACREP Standards Covered by Session

CACREP 3.b.1.; 3.C.1-13;  3.D.1,12; 5.H.15