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"Children’s hands-on-pinecone" by Delaware Master Gardeners is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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SPCL 7804 Human Development (Skinner): Session 5: Unit 2 – The Early Years (cont.)

OER for Professor Jaye Skinner

Task List to Prepare for Class Session

Please complete the following PRIOR to our session:

  1. Complete the readings.
    • Text Ch. 4, pp. 115-138
  1. Self-Reflect.
    • Consider how Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories apply to your own developmental experiences.
    • Continue gathering data from your early childhood.
  2. Review for Quiz#5.

The 5-question multiple-choice quiz will be on the assigned reading.


In this session we will explore the preschool child’s acquisition of skills in several developmental domains: motor skills; self-help skills; and cognitive development. We will focus much of the session’s time discussing cognitive development, particularly, Piaget’s preoperational period, Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development, and information-processing theory.  We will begin with a quiz on the assigned reading and then discuss the material and engage in application activities.

VIDEO: Example of Egocentrism Using Piaget’s Three-Mountain Task

Citation: [Geert Stienissen] (Jan 7, 2011) Piaget mountainexperiment.wmv [Video File]. Retrieved from

VIDEO: Example of Centration – Lack of Conservation

Citation: [Fi3021] (Oct 11, 2008) Piaget - Stage 2 - Preoperational - Lack of Conservation [Video File]. Retrieved from

VIDEO: Piaget vs. Vygotsky on External Speech

Piaget called external speech “egocentric speech,” representing its non-communicative nature and lack of perspective-taking. In contrast, Vygotsky considered external speech to serve a self-regulatory role. Can you identify this latter function in the video?

Citation: [jam248344] (Jan 22, 2013) Kylie External Speech Example [Video File]. Retrieved from