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"Children’s hands-on-pinecone" by Delaware Master Gardeners is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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SPCL 7804 Human Development (Skinner): Session 2: Unit 1 – Foundations (cont.)

OER for Professor Jaye Skinner

Task List to Prepare for Class Session

Please complete the following PRIOR to our session

  1. Complete the readings.

  1. View the films posted on this page.
  2. Self-Reflect.
    • Consider the nature-nurture debate as it relates to the readings.
    • Would you rather have a really good memory or really good metacognition?
    • Describe an example of Pavlovian conditioning that you have seen in your own behavior.
    • Describe an example of operant conditioning in your own behavior.
    • How does the theory of mind apply to you?
  3. Review for Quiz#2.

The 5-question multiple-choice quiz will be on the assigned readings.


In this session we will explore how school counselors can support student development in schools. We will discuss factors that influence learning, including strategies for improving memory. Students will also gain understanding of principles of behaviorism – Pavlovian and operant conditioning – and how such principles are used in schools to support learning. Finally, we will discuss the theory of mind, an individual’s ability to interpret mental states. The session activities will consist of a quiz (taken individually and in teams), discussion, mini-lectures, and application activities.

Instructions on Watching Videos

Wait to watch the videos until class so everyone can view them together and discuss them.

Video: Classical Conditioning: real-world example (3:09)

Citation: [psychologyforyou] (May 11, 2009) Classical Conditioning: real-world example [Video File]. Retrieved from

Video: Observing Aggressive Behavior - The BOBO Doll Experiment (2:56)

Citation: [xoxoshelbyyxoxo]( Nov 9, 2010) BOBO DOLL EXPERIMENT [Video File]. Retrieved from

Video: Piaget's Three-mountain experiement (1:30)

Citation: [Geert Stienissen] (Jan 7, 2011) Piaget mountainexperiment.wmv [Video File]. Retrieved from