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SPCL 7804 Human Development (Skinner): Home

OER for Professor Jaye Skinner


School Psychologist and Professor Jaye Skinner smiling looking at camera.

Professor: Jaye Skinner
Phone: 718-951-5876
Office: 1107 James Hall
Office hours: Tuesdays 9:40-10:10 p.m. and by appointment
Classroom: 2412 James Hall

Welcome to The Course

Welcome to SPCL 7804X, Human Development

  • All the readings and materials that you will need for the course are located on this course website.
    • This course is an Open Educational Resource, meaning all content is free for students, no need to purchase anything..
  • Each session is filled with readings and videos, and students are encouraged to preview the class material prior to each session and then review the material after each class.
  • Note that there are assigned tasks to be completed prior to our first class session. Go to the "Task List to Prepare for Class Session" prior to each session.
  • The learning process is cumulative, with each session integrating the content from earlier sessions. 
  • Explore this website before our first class.

Course Description

This course represents an in-depth study of multiple factors relevant to human growth and development. Theories of child, adolescent, and family development and transitions across the lifespan in diverse urban school settings will be discussed, giving emphasis to the consideration of social, cultural, and linguistic contexts. Particular attention will be given to the study of gender identity and sexual orientation. This course focuses on the application of lifespan developmental theory in school counseling practice for facilitating optimal development for all students. Issues regarding students with special needs will be discussed.

How to use this course website (OER)

Each session focuses on a different aspect of development, beginning in infancy and working chronologically towards early adulthood.

The major domains of development that will be covered are cognitive development and social-emotional emotional development, including attachment, self-concept and identity development, and interpersonal relationships.

Go to each session page to see lists of assigned readings for each session, supplemental material, and reflection questions for each set of readings.

  • The reflection questions are meant to facilitate the process of critical self-reflection and inquiry needed to successfully complete the final paper, My Personal Development.