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SPCL 7900 Theories of Human Development: SESSION 15 - Wrap Up

Open Educational Resource (OER) created for Professor Elizalde-Utnick's SPCL 7900 course.


Please complete the following PRIOR to our Zoom session on December 15:

1. Readings

READ: Reisman, Enumah & Jay

Discussion Questions for Reisman article:

  1. What is color muteness and how does it impact the classroom learning environment?
  2.  Stevenson talks about the “elephant in the room.” What is the elephant in the room?
  3.  What is racial literacy and how can it be used in the classroom?

           Anti-Racism Practice Article

3:40 Section: Daniella G. & Leonides: Fregni & Zingg (2020). Shaping an Anti-Racist School Culture.

Discussion Questions for 3:40 class:

  1. What are some examples of dress codes/hair codes that you’ve noticed that negatively impact black children?
  2. According to “Dignity in Schools” (a nonprofit organization) school push-out is when schools approach discipline in a way that disproportionately pushes out certain groups of students through suspension, expulsion and even arrests. What kind of policies can be put in place to combat the unfair tactics used by schools that push away black, Latinx and indigenous students?
  3. In regards to curriculum, school policies, disciplinary techniques and personal biases from professionals within schools, what are some modifications that could be made in re-creating an anti-racist foundation across-the-board that would better serve minority students such as African-Americans, Asians, Latinx, etc.? 

6:30 section doesn't have another practice article - just the Reisman et al article

2. Prepare for Blackboard Quiz (RAT#14)

The quiz will be on the Reisman et al. article. Be prepared to answer the discussion questions listed above. This RAT will be made available to you at your designated quiz time (3:40 pm or 6:30 p.m.). Our Zoom session will commence right after the quiz at 4:10 or 7:00 pm, depending on your course section.

DUE Tuesday, December 15: Final Class Participation Assessment and Final Peer Evaluation (google forms)


In our last session of the term, we will discuss the final anti-racism practice articles.