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SPCL 7900 Theories of Human Development: SESSION 9 – Module 5: Middle Childhood

Open Educational Resource (OER) created for Professor Elizalde-Utnick's SPCL 7900 course.


Please complete the following PRIOR to our Zoom session on November 3:

1. Readings

READ the assigned readings (DT 13 and Practice Article).

3:40 Section: Celeste, Danielle R., & Alice:

1) Ardullah (2020). How Adults Can Support the Mental Health of Black Children

2) NPR 6-minute podcast (June 18, 2020) How to Help Black Children Cope Amid Stress of Racial Protests

Discussion Questions for 3:40 Class: 

  • What are some ways racial socialization happens in schools? (both positive and negative)
  • Should schools be responding to racial trauma with a multitiered response? Why or why not? What interventions could be used?
  • As future school psychologists, what do you think is the most important action you can take within a school system or community to address racial trauma? 

6:30 Section: Allie & Danielle H.: Fregni & Zingg (2020). Shaping an Anti-Racist School Culture.

Discussion Questions for 6:30 Class: 

  • What are your personal viewpoints on school uniforms? Do you think they help create a sense of belonging and pride, or do they hinder students from expressing themselves/ their culture?
  • As future school psychologists, why do you think it is important to advocate for students to receive mental health counseling/ addressing the underlying problems of misbehavior, as opposed to immediately expelling them or punishing them?
  • Based off the article, what are some policies and procedures that schools can put in place in order to promote an anti-racist school culture?

2. Video

VIEW the video posted on this web page.

3. Discussion Board

Go to Blackboard to the Discussion Board link and post to the "Session #9forum.

Write a discussion question based on this week’s assigned readings. Read the questions already posted, and do not repeat a question asked by one of your classmates. Your question should relate directly to an issue discussed in the reading and should require a thoughtful response.

A. Post your question. 

B. Read the questions posted by your classmates and respond to at least three of them. 

C. Respond to every student who responds to you. Do this in your own thread as well as the other threads you are participating in.

D. Continue participating in the threads until the module is over.

Note: If other students are not selecting your thread to participate in, perhaps it is because your question is too complex, confusing, or uninteresting. In this case, substitute another question.

4. Prepare for Blackboard Quiz (RAT#8)

The 5-question multiple-choice quiz will be on the DT 13 reading and videos. This RAT will be made available to you at your designated quiz time (3:40 pm or 6:30 p.m.). Our Zoom session will commence right after the quiz at 4:10 or 7:00 pm, depending on your course section.


In this session we transition to school-age children. We will explore attachment and social development, language and communication, as well as cognitive development. We will end the session with a discussion of the anti-racism practice article.