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ART 3169/Grad ARTD 7165 Global Contemporary Art: From 1945 to the Present: Middle East and South Asia

Alternative textbook for Mona Hadler's course

About The Middle East and South Asia (India and Pakistan)

This unit chooses various case studies from the region in the modern and then contemporary eras.  Particular attention will be given to Iran from the rise of the Pahlavi’s  in 1941 to the Islamic Revolution in 1979 followed by contemporary diasporic artists.  Lebanese artists such as Walid Raad and Mona Hatoum and Pakistani artists such as Shahzia Sikander will be focused on in this unit.  Israeli artists including Michal Rovner and Guy Ben-Ner will be brought into the discussion. The term “orientalism” will be problematized. 

Unit 3 Images

Unit 3 Videos