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ARTD 3169/Grad ARTD 7165 Global Contemporary Art: From 1945 to the Present: Home

Alternative textbook for Mona Hadler's course

About Global Contemporary Art

Global Contemporary Art from the Postwar/Postcolonial era to the present. It will consider the historical and contemporary contexts of the countries and artists discussed as well as theoretical issues of globalism, diaspora, and hybridity. While it would be impossible to cover all of global contemporary art in a course such as this, case studies involving different artists and regions will afford the opportunity to seriously investigate different artistic movements and cultures and address global and diasporic issues.

The course will look at the postwar or postcolonial periods in the various countries and then address more contemporary art that is global and often diasporic.


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Further Resources

Ai WeiWei Sunflower Seeds Link to Further Resources Page