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EESC 3750 - Geographic Information Systems: Syllabus

EESC 3750; ANTH 3445: Introduction to GIS: Instructor: Rebecca Boger

Syllabus: 3750

Tentative Course Calendar: Schedule of Readings, Topics, and Assignments

Chapter assignments due at the beginning of the following week’s first class





Class Lab/Reading Assignments


Jan. 27, 29

It’s a Geospatial World

What are geospatial technologies?

Map a tool of communication

Mental Maps

AGO 5x5

Harder chapter 1


Feb. 3, 5

What are geospatial data sets?

The science of where

Exploring NYC through maps (AGO)

Harder chapter 2


Feb. 10

Feb. 12 CC

Feb. 17 CC

Feb. 19

Map basics

How to communicate with a map

Introduction to desktop GIS – ArcGIS Pro

Geology of NYC (ArcGIS Pro)


Ghost map:


Feb. 24, 26

Desktop ArcGIS

Quiz 1

 Continue with geology of NYC


March 2, 4

Working with digital geospatial data

Data models

Harder & Brown 2nd ed, chapter 3 (AGO)

Story maps

Harder chapter 3


March 9, 11

What are map projections?

Coordinate systems

Content Mastery Assignment 1

Projection/georeferencing activity


March 16, 18

Using GIS for spatial analysis

How to find datasets for GIS

Social justice topics in New York City Part 1

Quiz 2

Harder chapter 4


March 23, 25

Cartography and data classification

Social justice topics in New York City Part 2

Harder chapter 5


March 30, April 1


Vector spatial analysis


Impacts from Hurricane Sandy

Quiz 3

Harder chapter 10


April 6

April 7: Monday Schedule

Finding your location with the Global Positioning System (GPS)

Mosquito habitats in NYC (using mobile devices to collect  data and integrate with other datasets in AGO and desktop GIS


April 8-16

Spring Recess


April 20, 22

Remote sensing, GIS and image analysis

Content Mastery Assignment 2 – in class

Imagery book, chapter 1


April 27, 29

Remote sensing, GIS and image analysis

Imagery book, chapter 2

Quiz 4


May 4, 6

Remote sensing, GIS and image analysis

Urban Heat Islands

Imagery book, chapters 3 and 4


May 11, 13

Content Mastery Assignment 3 – application project


May 18, 8-10 am

Final exam application project due