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EESC 3750 - Geographic Information Systems: Assignments

EESC 3750; ANTH 3445: Introduction to GIS: Instructor: Rebecca Boger

Assignments and Presentations

Mental Maps

Draw a mental map of your commute to school or store or any place that has meaning to you. When done, take a photo of it and submit the photo to Blackboard. Here is an example. While you are making this, think  about if you were to give this to someone else, would that person know how to understand and use it? What did you do to make it usable for others.


AGO 5x5

Geology of New York

Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

To learn the basics of ArcGIS Pro and map design using desktop ArcGIS, read through the text in Harder & Brown, chapter 2. Then do the exercise at the end of the chapter where you create a map of the bombing missions of the Vietnam war.

ArcGIS Pro Exercise - Surficial Geology - CMA part 1

You will have 3 files to download. One file is a word document with the instructions. The second file is a .jpg file of a map of the Lower Hudson region including New York City, and the third file is a zipped folder. First download the instructions. Open the document, read and follow the instructions on what to do with the other files.

Project Assignment

Social Justice Assignments

Practice Queries

Powerpoint Presentations

Intro to GIS

Map Design

Data Management

Visualizing GIS Data

Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

Coordinate Systems

GIS Data Searches

Spatial Analysis

Joins and Overlays Spatial Analyses