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HNSC 4230 Community Nutrition Education

Professor Siegel OER

Description - Overview of Community Fieldwork

Community Fieldwork (KRDNs 2.1, 2.6) [15%]: As part of the required fieldwork requirement, students are expected to submit the following documentation:

  • Fieldwork placement documentation - Due by 2/12/23 (fillable PDF forms)
    • Fieldwork agreement, signed by the fieldwork supervisor
    • Fieldwork experience description and learning objectives (what do you hope to gain from this experience?)
    • Students doing in-person fieldwork must also provide:
      • Signed waiver form
      • Proof of Liability Insurance (for in-person experiences and for organizations not affiliated with Brooklyn College)
  • Fieldwork Reflections:
    • To be completed every three weeks (4 total reflections) starting the week of 3/12/23. A fillable PDF form is provided that should be filled out completely for each reflection
      • Due dates are: 3/12, 4/2, 4/23, 5/14
  •  Fieldwork Completion Documentation - Due by 5/14/23 (fillable PDF)
    • Fieldwork completion form, signed by supervisor and stating the number of hours completed.