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History Dept | Brooklyn College Library

HIST 3320: The History of Childhood


Discussion Questions

  • What are the issues facing children of the modern world?
  • Did globalization foster a uniform childhood for all? Support your answer with suitable examples. 
  • How do readings from this class help you understand the question of child’s labor in HRW site?
  • Did the UN Convention on the Rights of Children make a difference in children’s lives around the globe? Argue for or against your claim backed by evidence. 
  • What is the major argument Sarada Balagopalan is attempting to make through her articles? 

Work to do

Discussion Board (DB) #9 (250-300 words) due on Blackboardblackboard logo, takes you to blackboard page..

  • Imagine yourself as a lawyer for the Human Rights Watch or an advocate for children’s rights. What historical evidence would you select from your readings to make an argument against children’s labor or protection or promotion of children’s rights? Choose a specific child labor violation on the HRW site or a child right’s issue from the UN Convention on Rights of Children and relate it to specific historical evidence to make your case.