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History Dept | Brooklyn College Library

HIST 3320: The History of Childhood



Discussion Questions

  • What role does the state play in managing the lives of children? Consider the various areas in which state has power over family lives (marriage; legitimacy; illegitimacy; property; inheritance; education).
  • Discuss the different instances from Latin America, Africa, and the US in which the state makes major interventions in children’s lives. How do they affect children in specific scenarios? 
  • How can we retrieve children’s voices in history?
  • How can age be used as a category of analysis? Think carefully on this conceptual tool. 

Work Due

Discussion Board (DB) #7 (350 words) due on Blackboardblackboard logo, takes you to blackboard page..

  • Reflect on how we can retrieve children’s voices in history. Share suitable examples with your classmates on the Discussion Board.
  • How has age been an important conceptual tool for a gendered understanding of childhood?