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HIST 3320: The History of Childhood

Unit 1: Thinking Historically

Unit 2: Locating Childhood in History and Exploring Sources

Unit 3: A Brief History of the History of Childhood Secondary Sources and the Problem with Historiography

Primary Sources:

Unit 4: Childhood in Agricultural Societies

Unit 5: Childhood in the Classical Societies

Primary Sources

Unit 6: Medieval and Early Modern Childhood

Primary Sources

Unit 7: The Rise of Modern Childhood (18th- 20th century)

Primary Sources

Unit 8: The Victorian Child


[Bev A] (n.d) The Children Who Built Victorian Britain Part 1 [Video File]. Retrieved from

Unit 9: The Many Worlds of the Indian Child


[Aashirya Studios] (2020, Jul. 6) pather panchali|Full COLOR movie|পথের পাঁচালী| Satyajit Ray|Subir Banerjee| Kanu [Video File]. Retrieved from

Unit 10: Gender, Race, Class, and Ethnicity in Childhood

Unit 11: The world of Native American Children

Unit 12: The State and the Child

Unit 13: Recuperating Children: Age and Voice

Unit 14: Modern Childhood Across the World

Primary Sources

Unit 15: Childhood, War, and Eugenics

Unit 16: Globalization and Childhood