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History Dept | Brooklyn College Library

HIST 3320: The History of Childhood




Discussion Questions

  • How did colonialism make a difference in experiences of childhood in different locales?  
  • What were the different contexts in which gendering took place? Do you notice similarities and differences in the processes although the contexts were very different? Illustrate with examples from primary and secondary sources.
  • How did the process of gendering childhood unfold in Iran and the US? 
  • Do you encounter multiple childhoods in the readings on US? 

Work to do

Discussion Board (DB) #5 (300-350 words) due on Blackboardblackboard logo, takes you to blackboard page..

  • How do the readings from this week inform your understanding of childhood? Do any of the historical instances resonate with your own experiences? Do you think the culture of childhood changed over the centuries? What then were the causes of change? Refer to specific examples from the readings to illustrate your claim.