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CHEM 1007- Chemistry in the Kitchen for Sustainability (Juszczak): Unit 6

OER alternative textbook for Chemistry 1007 providing the basic understanding of chemistry and physical processes in the context of food chemistry, metabolism and cooking.

About Unit 6: Nourishment

Unit Reading

Chapter 11, McGraw Hill

  • Trans vs. cis fats; interesterification 11.3
  • Culinary Reactions: Chapter 5, Oils and Fats, (pp 79-81, 84-93)
  • Carbohydrates and sugars 11.5 - .6
  • Proteins 11.7
  • Vitamins and Minerals 11.8
  • Metabolism: energy from food; diet (quality vs. quantity 11.9 - .10
  • Locavorism; flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan 11.11 -.12

Kitchen as Lab: Chapter 13 Maximizing Food Flavor: the Maillard Reaction

Required reading: Nutrition: Food for thought

Kitchen as Lab Ch. 13

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