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CHEM 1007- Chemistry in the Kitchen for Sustainability (Juszczak): Unit 5

OER alternative textbook for Chemistry 1007 providing the basic understanding of chemistry and physical processes in the context of food chemistry, metabolism and cooking.

About Unit 5: Polymers

Chapter 9, McGraw Hill

  • Natural polymers, addition polymerization 9.2 – 9.3 Condensation polymerization; polyamides 9.6 -.7
  • Kitchen as Lab: Chapter 5 Designing a Sustainable Stretchy Ice Cream (pdf)

Pdfs of Class Lectures Unit 5

UC Davis Libretext for Unit 3

The following chapters from An Introductory Chemistry Libretexts Textmap organized around the textbook Introductory Chemistry by Nivaldo Tro 

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Organic Chemistry: Hydrocarbons and Polymerization Ch. 16




Kitchen as Lab Chapter 5

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