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COVID-19 Update: THE LIBRARY IS OPEN ONLINE! The Library building is closed; limited access to physical material.

Transfer Student LOOP: Off Campus Access

Remote Access

Online library tools, including OneSearch and article databases, can be accessed from off campus by current BC students.

Start by logging in from the Library's homepage. In the lower left corner is an orange house that says remote access: undefined

Click "log in from off campus," and log in with your BC EmpID and password (shown below). Once you've logged in successfully, the lock turns green, the text says "you are logged in," and you will have off-campus access to all of our electronic resources. 


OneSearch is the search box on the Library's homepage.  Use OneSearch to find books, articles, reports, images, etc.

When using OneSearch from off-campus, full-text access to e-books and articles will be provided after you have authenticated using your BC EmpID and password (see detailed information below).


You have the option of choosing a database from an alphabetical list or by subject.

Databases (like JSTOR) that can be accessed from off campus will have at least one of the following icons next to them:

     CUNY Access:

    To use these databases, click on the blue CUNY icon and log in with your CUNY login credentials (CUNYFirst username and password).

     Brooklyn College Access:

    Databases with the lock icon can only be accessed by members of the Brooklyn College community. To authenticate your affiliation with the College, you will be asked to provide your BC email login credentials. The information below explains this further.

Brooklyn College Authentication

On the Login page, you will be asked to enter your Brooklyn College email ID and password to access subscription electronic resources from off campus.

Brooklyn College Credentials

For currently-enrolled BC students, use the following information when signing in:

  • Username = your 8-digit CUNY EmpID
  • Password format = FLMM/DD/YY

FL = your CUNYfirst official First and Last initials (upper case)

MM/DD/YY = your 6-digit birthday with “/” separators

Example: If your name is Jalil Doe and your birthday is June 1, 1998, your password would be JD06/01/98

Technical Problems

For help with working off campus, contact the ITS Help Desk. Call (718) 677-6180 or email

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