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COVID-19 Update: The Library building is closed; limited access to physical material.

Transfer Student LOOP: Home

Welcome to Brooklyn College!

Welcome to the Transfer Student LOOP, your online orientation to all that the Brooklyn College Library has to offer. Some of the Library's resources and services might be familiar to you, especially if you have transferred here from another CUNY school. Some of our resources and services are unique to our institution. The LOOP introduces you to how your library works, where you can study, how you can look for books and articles, where you can use a computer, and where you can ask for help.

Though the Transfer Student LOOP includes information about the Library's physical resources and services, during periods of remote learning (such as the Fall 2020 semester), you will want to take full advantage of the Library's online resources and services.

If you have any questions about the Transfer Student LOOP while reading through this material, please use our Ask-A-Librarian service, which provides 24/7 assistance, or email us at:!

You can also access (and print) the Library's Transfer Student Bulletin.

Library's Hours

***The Library is currently CLOSED***

We look forward to working with you online this semester and beyond. Under normal circumstances, the hours of operation (during fall and spring semesters) are Mondays through Thursdays 8 AM to 11 PM, Fridays 8 AM to 5 PM, and Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM to 6 PM. During this current period of remote learning, however, most of our library services are available online.


When you are ready, you can click on the quiz link at the bottom of any page to proceed to the Transfer Student LOOP quiz. Taking this quiz provides us with important information about what students already know, and what they need to know.

But don't worry! The quiz is open-book. You can keep the LOOP open in one browser window while you complete the quiz in another window. We are not interested in seeing how well you memorize information. Rather, we want to make sure that you are made aware of everything the Library offers. For this reason, the quiz can be taken as many times as necessary to receive a 70%.

Transfer Student LOOP Quiz