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Transfer Student LOOP: Computing

Computing at the Library

The Library provides access to hundreds of computers to support your schoolwork. To use a computer in any Library lab (Lower Level, 1st floor, and 2nd floor, and in the Library Café), simply walk up to a computer and sign in with your credentials.

For currently-enrolled BC students, use your CUNY login  when signing in:

During busy periods, you can use a workstation for 60 minutes on the 1st and 2nd floors, and 90 minutes on the Lower Level. (You will be notified when your time expires.) Priority is given to Brooklyn College students, followed by CUNY students and others.



Print from any computer in the Library, Library Café (currently closed) , or WEB Building.

Once you have sent your documents to the printer, you can pick-up your print-outs at ANY of the printers.  There are several print stations throughout the Library, Library Café, and WEB Building.

Currently enrolled BC students have B&W printing accounts. (Color printing is not included in a student's free printing account.) Most full-time undergraduate students receive a $15 balance per semester. At the end of the semester all free balances (unused free printouts) expire and are reset for the next semester. There is no roll-over or stock-piling of unused free printouts.

For currently-enrolled BC students, use the following information when signing in:

  • Username = your 8-digit CUNY EmpID
  • Password format = FLMM/DD/YY

FL = your CUNYfirst official First and Last initials (upper case)

MM/DD/YY = your 6-digit birthday with “/” separators

Example: If your name is Jalil Doe and your birthday is June 1, 1998, your password would be JD06/01/98

For more information regarding the printing system (including costs, printer locations, instructions for checking your remaining balance, and so on), see the Library's Printing service page.

Once your laptop or other wireless device has been configured for WiFi, you can print from it in the Library using this URL:

To get your laptop or other device configured for Wifi, visit the WEB Computer Lab (West End Building, 1st floor).

NB: Sometimes files sent to the printer via WiFi do not appear in the print menu because they are either 1. too large or 2. the WiFi network is saturated.  In this case, transfer files to a library computer via flashdrive, email, or use a file upload service such as Dropbox. Ask for assistance at any service desk.


Wireless computing is available at specific locations throughout the library.

To access the WiFi, use the same credentials shown above to log onto the wireless network.

Your laptop or other wireless device must be configured to work with our wireless network. To get your laptop configured, visit the computer lab on the 1st floor of the West End Building (WEB) (M-F, 9-5), call (718) 951-5787, or visit

Wireless access is available at specific locations around campus and throughout the library: see floor plans of the wireless network at the Library.

Laptop Loan

Laptops, MacBooks, and Ipads are available to students on a first come, first served basis. Laptops are available for 1-day and 3-day loans; MacBooks and Ipads are available for 1-day loans only. This technology is checked out from, and returned to (no later than 30 minutes before closing on the due date), the New Media Center.


Free self-service scanners are located in the following areas of the Library and Library Café:

  • Lower Level
  • 1st Floor
  • New Media Center (2nd Floor)
  • Library Café  (currently closed) 

See staff members at the appropriate service desk for assistance in using a scanner.

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