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Your Brooklyn College & CUNY Accounts: Library Remote Access

Everything you need to know about your BC and CUNY accounts.

NEW Remote Authentication for Fall 2021

The Brooklyn College Library's electronic resources (e.g. journals, ebooks, databases, etc.) are available to registered students, faculty, and staff when off-campus, including while abroad.

New for Fall 2021, to authenticate for remote access to Library databases you will be prompted to use your CUNYfirst Username and Password to log in (same credentials for logging into Blackboard). However, as links and webpages get updated, you may be prompted to log in using our old format (see below).

Students, faculty, and staff will all use this format to authenticate. Using Firefox as your browser is recommended.

The login takes you to a redirect page, and then the CUNY login page.  See below for troubleshooting help.

image of page redirecting to login





Troubleshooting Issues with New Remote Authentication

Your Error: The username or password you entered was incorrect.

First, double-check that there are no typos and try re-entering your credentials ensuring that you included the handle after your username. You can also click here and see if you can log in at Blackboard (opens in a new window).

  1. If your information is all correct and you are able to access CUNY services (Blackboard, CUNYfirst, etc.), you can re-enter your CUNY Login password at to sync it across all services.
  2. If you are not able to authenticate through the library OR any other CUNY service (Blackboard, CUNYfirst, etc.), reset your CUNY Login password at
  3. If you are retired emeritis faculty or have never successfully logged into CUNYFirst or Blackboard or any other CUNY service, activate your CUNY Login credentials at

Your Error: Unauthorized - Access to Brooklyn College library resources is limited to active Brooklyn College students and active & retired Brooklyn College employees.

  1. Check CUNYfirst to ensure that all of your personal information is correct.
    1. If you are a student and see that of your personal information is incorrect, fill out the change request form found on this page. (Faculty and Staff should email HR.)
    2. If your CUNYfirst information is correct and you are still getting this error message, you need to send an email to the ITS Help Desk with the following information included:
      • Name: 
      • EMPLID: 
      • Contact number:  
      • [Attach a screenshot of the error message (if you can)]
  2. If you are retired emeritus faculty or have never successfully logged into CUNYFirst you can try activating your CUNY Login credentials at
  3. If your underlying affiliation is not Brooklyn College (e.g., E-Permit, GC, Macaulay), you may only be able to authenticate through your home campus library.  Graduate Teaching Fellows will need to have a Non-CUNYFirst Interest Form approved by their department chair to gain access to library resources.

For further assistance go to the library's Ask a Librarian page, or use this form.

OLD Off Campus Authentication Page

If you are prompted to authenticate using the form below, you will need to follow the format provided on the page to log in.

Authorization login screen. Instructions
If you are a student:
  • User ID = your 8-digit CUNY EmpID
  • Password format = FLMM/DD/YY
    • FL = your CUNYfirst official First and Last initials (upper case)
    • MM/DD/YY = your 6-digit birthday with the SLASHES
    • Example: If your name is Jalil Doe and your birthday is November 21, 1998, your password would be JD11/21/98

Don't know your EMPLID? Check under My Info in the BCWebCentral Portal

If you are Faculty or Staff:

  • User ID: is found before the @ sign of your BC Email (e.g. jalil.doe01 of
  • Password: is your BC Email Password.

If you need to request a Brooklyn College email account, use this account request form.

For further assistance go to the library's Ask a Librarian page, or use this form.