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Your Brooklyn College & CUNY Accounts: Library Remote Access • Wi-Fi

Everything you need to know about your BC and CUNY accounts.

Remote Authentication to Library Databases & on-campus Wifi

If you are a student:
  • User ID = your 8-digit CUNY EmpID
  • Password format = FLMM/DD/YY
    • FL = your CUNYfirst official First and Last initials (upper case)
    • MM/DD/YY = your 6-digit birthday with the SLASHES
    • Example: If your name is Jalil Doe and your birthday is November 21, 1998, your password would be JD11/21/98

Don't know your EMPLID? Check under My Info in the BCWebCentral Portal

If you are Faculty or Staff:

  • User ID: is found before the @ sign of your BC Email (e.g. jalil.doe01 of
  • Password: is your BC Email Password.

If you need to request a Brooklyn College email account, use this account request form.

Guests may obtain a Guest WiFi password in the Library. 

Problems with remote authentication?

If you have been able to authenticate with us for access to library resources in the past, but suddenly cannot, what most likely needs to happen is that either your username or IP address needs to be cleared (this just happens sometimes!).

Please do the following:

  1. Go to or and get your IPV4.
  2. Send your username and IP address to netgroup @ and ask them to clear it.

Meanwhile, if you are having problems authenticating for BC databases, you can log in to many databases (but not all the ones BC subscribes to) authenticating with your CUNYfirst credentials via the CUNY Office of Library Services databases page -- these are only the databases subscribed to CUNY-wide. 

For further assistance use the chat tab, go to the library's Ask a Librarian page, or use this form.

Off Campus Authentication Page

The Brooklyn College Library's electronic resources (e.g. journals, ebooks, databases, etc.) are available to registered students, faculty, and staff when off-campus, including while abroad. If you would like to connect from off-campus you will need to authenticate yourself. Click here to Authenticate now.

Authorization login screen.
For further assistance go to the library's Ask a Librarian page, or use this form.

OneSeach Library Account

OneSearch is the Library’s all-in-one search tool provided by CUNY that lets you search for almost everything the Library has available to you.

Your Library Account in OneSearch includes information about books and other materials you have checked out, and can renew online!  It is also a place where you can save search results from OneSearch.

Log in OneSearch with your CUNYfirst login credentials.

Please note that this is NOT the same thing as Authenticating, see above.