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Photo credit: Ryan Holsopple

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PIMA 7741G Interactive Media Programming: Classes 9-12

Professor Holsopple Fall 2021 OER

Class 9: Nov 8, 2021

Topic: Matrices & Textures
Lesson: Effects with the jitter matrix and jitter gl texture
Lesson Files Here:


Alpha Masking with jit.alphablend &
chromakey in

For Class 10

Computer Graphics
Explore the Max Forum, search for answers, effects, jobs & more!
For more context on Max Compositing, and OpenGL:

about openGL website 

Peter Elsea Image Compositing pdf & Open GL pdf

Watch: someone else teach in Max Examples Link!


Jitter Tutorial Recipes recipe-patch download links included 

the Max Cookbook patch downloads included

Examine the amazing patches of Federico Foderano 
Examples Link



Class 10: Nov 15, 2021

Topic: Intro to Video Tracking Brightness and Color
Lesson: Query Cells using jit.matrix, jit.spill & jit.findbounds
Max Review: snippets and shortcuts
Max Objects:
jit.matrix, 'setcell'/'getcell'
jit.spill, jit.findbounds

For Class 11

Computer Vision
CV.Jit Labs:
Read the following tutorial and try the face tracking patchers (Ryan's versions in Lab Patches folder):
Jitter #6 | Computer Vision with cv.jit Part 1
Watch and follow this tutorial (Ryan's patch included in Lab Patches)
Video Lab: Velocity using cv.jti.HSflow
Sound Tracking: Try tracking Pitch with the Sigmund~ package
Pitch Tracking Files included in Lab Files.
Extra Readings on algorithmic bias:
AI and Policing
As If: Ramon Amaro
watch: Panel on Algorithmic Opression
For more info on tracking and computer vision please review the following:
Peter Elsea on cv.jit pdf link

Class 11 : NOV 22, 2021

Topic: Networking: Max MIDI & OSC


  • MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • Lesson: Intro to Computer Networking
  • OSC Open Sound Control on your Local Area Network (LAN)
  • OSC Open Sound Control on the Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • VPN, OSC & Logmein Hamachi

For Class 12


Best Practices for Connected Devices by Tom Igoe


Circuit bending with Max and TouchOSC example video link

TouchOSC Keyboard TouchOSC Examples link

Theater group using TouchOSC Control:

Radiohole whatever heaven allows example link

and check out this cool Ableton and touchOSC video example link

Connect you mobile device to Max with TouchOSC (from Lesson Patcher)
Connect with a partner via OSC over the WAN (PDF from Lesson).
Catch up on your previous Assignments.

Class 12: Nov 29, 2021

Topic: Max and Advanced Audio
Lesson: Expanding your knowledge of Audio and Max
  • TouchOSC
  • writing and playback from buffers
  • cross fading
  • phase
  • filters
  • spatialization
  • more audio techniques with Max
Work Time on Final Projects

For Class 13

What is Physical Computing?
What is Arduino?
last chance to shine
by Artist Daniel Rozin have a look at some of the mechanical mirrors!
Work on Final Projects
Making Things Talk by Tom Igoe
Arduino Course Kit