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Photo credit: Ryan Holsopple

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PIMA 7741G Interactive Media Programming: Classes 5-8

Professor Holsopple Fall 2020 OER

Class 5: SEPT 24, 2020

Topic: Intro to Jitter

 Class 5 Files link

  • the Metro Object
  • video: System Preferences
  • aspect ratios: jit.noise
  • live camera: jit.grab
  • play a movie:
  • vizzie for fun!
  • intro to randomness (see lab)

Class discussion about Final Projects / brainstorming

For Class 6

Watch: R. Luke DuBois 'the tensions between algorithms, portraiture and temporal space'::  

What is a Matrix?
ARGB Color in Jitter
Lab (for your practice and learning):  The Random and Urn objects (PDF included in your class5 files)
With a clap of your hands, play one of the 5 video samples (chosen at random, never repeating).,,,,
Assignment (for you to post): 
Use a Vizzie Effect to alter your live camera. (30 seconds).
Add interactivity to alter the effects (sliders, microphone response, etc)!
Make a screen recording of your work and post it to your web-logs.

Class 6: OCT 1, 2020

Topic: Jitter, Recording Video & Midterm Prep
 class files link
New Max & Jitter Objects
  • slider, delay
  • replaceable arguments
  • tracking the mouse with mousestate
  • recording video jit.record & jit.vcr 
Midterm Preparations


For Class 7

Lab Class 6: Motion Detection in Jitter
Study for Midterm
Midterm Preparation Exam
2020 practice exam
Brainstorm Final Project Ideas!

Class 7: OCT 8, 2020

Midterm Exams!

Exams will happen in Zoom.




For Class 8

Lab: Final Project Written Description

Please write and publish to your weblog your Final Project idea.

We will work together to create a plan of study to make this project happen!

Please be as thorough as possible with your description, feel free to use videos and sketches in your proposal.

source inspiration videos and text are welcome as well!

Class 8 :OCT 15, 2020

Topic: Virtual Audio and Video Cables

 Class Lessons and Example Files Link

  • Max Package Manager
  • Delicious Tutorials
  • Max Syphon/Spout
  • Max to Zoom with Syphon Virtual Camera & OBS-Virtual Camera
  • Max to Zoom Video with SpoutCam 
  • Max to Zoom Audio Mac & Windows PC


For Class 9

Watch: Video Tracking with Chunky Move!
ReadBest Practices in Jitter, Part 1 (tutorial patches included in link)
Lab: Delicious Tutorial Boomerang
Build a boomerang looper with Sam, follow along with the video. Tutorial Patch located in the Delicious Tutorial downloaded from the Max Package Manager.
Install the cv.jit Package using the Max Package Manager (Read More about the package Link)

Assignment: Post one Final Project research article and one research audio/video sample. Can be technical research or influences.