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Photo credit: Ryan Holsopple

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PIMA 7741G Interactive Media Programming: Classes 1-4

Professor Holsopple Fall 2020 OER

Class 1 Aug 27

TOPIC: Course Introduction and Student Introductions
Lesson: Foundations for Creativity
  • Operating Systems and File Structure.
  • 7741G Resources Page
  • Zoom settings guide (see Lab Class 1)
  • Intro to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS-Studio) (Lab Class 1)
  • Intro to audio with FreeSound and Audacity (Lab Class 1)
  • Other Online Spaces LiveLab for Chrome
  • Other Online Spaces OBS-Ninja
  • Other Online Spaces: Discord (group chatting)

For Class 2

Reading: Real Life Magazine Music For Plants. article

Lab: Record a Video with OBS, include two scenes with two sources.

Check out the OBS Lab PDF on the Labs page for more information.


Using Audacity and the Freesound Project create a short (1 min) stereo (2 channel) audio piece with one found sample and one live recording.
This piece should be a response to the assigned reading.

There is an Audacity Lab PDF on the Labs page for more information.

Post this audio to your personal weblogs, send link to this weblog to the class instructors.

Class 2: SEPT 3, 2020

TOPIC: Introduction to MAX 8

The artist's toolkit to new media.

Imagine the hidden part of an Automaton:
Automatons     Automatons 2
Here are some examples of Max in use, please have a visit!:
Kinect max      Live Vocals and Robotics
Hand tracking  Poly delay
Lesson Class 2:

 Download Max Class 2 Lesson Patchers Link

Installing Max, Max file structure, basic objects, patching, message orders.
Max Documentation and Help Files
Max: Tutorial 1 &2
MSP: Intro to playing sound file.
First we will work together and then add lesson patchers!

Activity: Patching and Message ordering.

For Class 3

Pages 1-8 of Juan P. Bello's Max Fundamentals

Tom Igoe's Making Interactive Art: set the stage shut up and listen

Max Videos 1-3 (download .zip file: Labs Class2)
7741-class2-play a soundfile.pdf

Use Max to play your audio sample (.aiff or .wav) that you made for the Class 1 assignment.

Post video of your working max patch to your weblog. Assignments due by 9/9/2020.

Class 3: SEPT 10,2020

TOPIC: Max and Live Audio
Lesson: The Microphone, Recording & Effects

Class and Lab Files Link

  • the Max adc~ object and ezdac~ object
  • meter~ object
  • Interactivity and responding to the live microphone
  • comparator objects: > == <
  • recording audio: sfrecord~
  • Beap (pre-made audio effects)

For Class 4

Reading: Potemkin AI
Labs for you to do
  • Use sfrecord~ to make a live recording from your microphone, refer to the class PDF Lessons for more information.
  • Try the togedge object! Use the 'togedge.maxpat' included in the class files. The 'bass.aiff' sound file is triggered when you clap your hands (using headphones!) note: the sound file  "bass.aiff" is included in the Max Program.  Try this with a short audio sample that you create.
  • BEAP: follow the Beap tutorial and use the included Max Patches to make real-time audio effects.

Assignment for you to upload:
Use Max to create a short (1 min) stereo (2 channel) audio piece. Use the same model that we followed for Assignment 1: ONE pre-existing sound file and ONE live input. You may re-create your first project or do something new.
Post a screen-capture (video & audio) of your Max Patch while you are performing this work to your personal weblogs.  
Post a .wav  recording of this live performance (please use sfrecord~).

Class 4: SEPT 17, 2020

TOPIC: Generating Audio With Max
Lesson: Making Music with Max & Word Problems
Class and Lab Files: HERE
New Objects:
  • Loadbang: Patcher Initialization
  • Select: Logic Control
  • Key: Human Interfacing
  • Cycle~ Make an audio wave

Word Problems and Work Time


For Class 5


The Max Patcher Inspector

Max Key Mapping

Max Messages and Structures PDF (pages 1-14)

Do the Word Problems From Class on your own. Repeat as necessary.
Make a Keyboard Controlled Sampler!
This Patch plays 5 different audio samples using the Q W E R T Keys of your keyboard.
Each audio is set to LOOP when played. Pressing the Q W E R T keys Starts and Stops the audio.
Volume should be initialized and audio files should be loaded on Patcher Startup.
Advanced: Add your Microphone and a Beap Effect to the Sampler

Please post screen-capture video of you operating your sampler on your web-logs.